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Upload any open-ended data (survey comments, reviews, emails, and more) in any format (CSVs, Excel, or anything else)

Use our text analytics tool (our our analysts, if you prefer!) to answer questions like:

The most common themes mentioned were

View results as:

"What are the biggest things my customers are talking about?"

Find and summarize what matters most.

The top drivers of positive customer experiences were

View results as:

"What can I improve for my customers? What delights them?"

Quickly understand drivers of great experiences or opportunities for improvement.

The top trending issues were

View results as:

"What new things are customers talking about?"

Find new issues this week, or compare what customers were talking about by calendar year.

These - and many more - answers are just a click away! for free or schedule a call to learn more.

Meet Ana, your AI-powered
Customer Feedback Analyst

Ana transforms open-ended customer feedback into business insights. By listening to customers, she can identify patterns that impact customer happiness.

All you need is 1000 or more comments to get started. No analyst, training, or hand-classification needed - Ana takes care of the hard work for you.

To show you just how easy it is, we'll analyze your first dataset for free.

Case Studies

A beautiful resort in Orlando noticed a problem - their “bathroom satisfaction” survey scores were lower than normal. Was a recent upgrade to low-flow shower heads a mistake?

That’s when Ana stepped in. In seconds, she found that guests with low “bathroom satisfaction” scores were actually complaining about cleanliness, not water pressure. She even identified a floor and wing that were most likely to mention about these issues.

It turned out a housekeeping crew was understaffed. By giving them more resources, the hotel kept guests satisfied and avoided a costly re-modification.

The globally-ranked Rosen College of Hospitality Management at UCF gave 4000 open-ended reviews to three groups - graduate students, hospitality professors, and Ana. They found that:

“Ana performed almost as well as the team of professors and outperformed the graduate student in terms of deriving actionable insights from the data. More importantly though, she was able to do it in less than 5% of the time. I would certainly give her an A for this.”

- Dr. Fevzi Okumus, CFHLA Preeminent Chair Professor at UCF

Understand context

Ana uncovers key topics that matter. With advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Ana can even mine the specific opinions which respondents have about those topics.

Like a Venn diagram for text

Let Ana explain the similarities and differences in feedback between customer groups. Our artificial intelligence engines distill thousands of pages of comments into a simple summary.

Zoom in on trends

The sooner you know, the quicker you can respond. Ana rapidly uncovers new trends in open-ended comments so you can drive an optimal customer experience and outperform your competitors.




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  • Pricing options based on number of comments or number of datasets. Includes priority email support and help center access.

Managed Services

  • If we can help with the analysis
  • Our team will analyze your data, working with you to design and provide reports. Pricing based on number of datasets. Includes a dedicated analyst, priority email support, and help center access.

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