Turning customer comments and chats into insights you can act on.

Improve your customer experience by understanding what matters to them. We combine machine learning with intuitive visualizations to help you make sense of your customer feedback.

Find the key to customer happiness in open-text comments with Datanautix VOCL software.

Say goodbye to days of tediously (and subjectively) reading through customer comments.

VOCL by Datanautix finds patterns in customer feedback for you - an order of magnitude faster and more insightful, even when your data is an order of magnitude larger.

"What factors in my data impact sentiment the most?"

No analyst? No problem. Our automated insight generator and classification engine tells you which metadata values have the biggest impact on customer sentiment.

Do location, time, or (insert your own metadata here) affect your customer sentiment? These answers (and more!) are just a click away.

"What new issues are customers complaining about this month?"

Let our computers take care of the hard work - our software uses topic modelling to automatically groups similar themes together.

Using our subject and sentiment classification engine, our software can quickly tell you which new themes customers are upset (or excited!) about.

"What makes Group ABC different from Group XYZ ?"

With just a click, quickly compare the topics between any groups in your data. Ever wondered how comments from Silicon Valley 20-somethings differ from those in New York City? Wonder no more.

We've helped businesses improve customer satisfaction in:


By analyzing comments in patient satisfaction surveys, we've helped hospitals address patient needs and boost satisfaction.

Market Research

By finding patterns in customer opinions, we've helped clients combine the power of focus groups with the speed of surveys.

Customer Service

Call centers receive thousands of comments a day - our software can highlight new issues in just seconds, keeping your NPS scores high.

Optimize your sales and service chats with ChatStat by Datanautix.

Datanautix ChatStat software lets you understand patterns in your sales and service chats to reach higher performing agents and happier customers.

Want to unlock a 25% decrease in average handle time and 50% improvement in agent responsiveness? Here's how we can help.

"Can you show me 5 outlier chats where we have an opportunity to improve?"

From measuring chat concurrency to response time by party, ChatStat quantifies everything about your chats.

It then automatically identifies outlier chats with abnormal behavior - find the best "coaching moments" to improve chat agent performance.

"Which agents or teams are the biggest outliers in my key performance indicators?"

ChatStat software lets you identify the consistently best and worst performing groups in your chat center.

Choose the most important metrics to your chat center, and rank any group by chat performance. Do you know your quickest-responding agents? Teams with the lowest satisfaction scores? Let's find out.

"Which part of the chat takes the longest time?"

Our automatic process step classification breaks each chat into phases, ranging from Opening to Problem Description to Upsell/Cross-sell.

The system can even tell you when a certain phase was abnormally long, and find patterns to shorten these steps.

Integrated Quality Assurance

Add a customizable Quality Assurance form to your ChatStat portal to provide feedback side-by-side with chat transcripts.

Export Quality Assurance results as PDF, or generate a shareable link for agents. You can even track QA trends and patterns over time to ensure progress!

Customers using our ChatStat software have gained:
51% improvements in agent response time to customers, improving customer satisfaction
43% decrease in chat handle time, meeting average handle time targets for the first time
Improvements in CSAT as well as net promoter scores

Some of our satisfied customers include:

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